August 6, 2008

Knitting News

The Adamas Shawl that I started July 21 is finished, blocked, and dry! Here's a pic of it hanging on the fence ....had to put a sheet underneath it for any of the design to display. Below is the closeup ..... I'm really going to enjoy wearing this.
Last night I joined the February Lady Sweater KAL on Ravelry. I already had the yarn .... BMFA Twisted in the Rook-y colorway (one of the Ravel colorways). Decided that I wanted some 1x1 ribbing around the neck and then to carry it down the 8 sts edging on either side. I've made the first buttonhole using a new technique that was given on the pattern. Went downtown to the local fabric shop to look for buttons (one buttonhole is finished) and found some beautiful Celtic knot buttons .... only ..... there was only one card left and the owner said that she was getting a new button display in September. Well, when we are out and about in nearby towns, I'll just have to look for buttons since this is going to be a quick knit. After sock knitting and lace knitting the past two years, it will be a joy to work on a sweater with worsted weight yarn. Here's a pic of the neck ribbing and about 4 rows garter st.

DH is teaching a lot of classes for area EMS services, so I get a lot of knitting time at night while I'm watching television.

While I was at the fabric shop, I saw a lady that had knitted with a group of us in late 70's and early 80's. We had a group of about eight ladies that would meet at each other's home every Tuesday to just knit and taste some good desserts. My dd, Alcariel on ravelry, was born on a knitting group day in 1981. That must be the reason that she is such a good knitter now. One of the ladies, a former public librarian here, is turning 100 years old on Aug. 12. I've decided that I'm going to finish SOS2 for her and send it out to her in Goleta, California, where she moved about 15 years ago to be near her son. Kitty was a very avid knitter but no longer is able to do such intricate patterns due to loss of her eyesight. She is, however, still able to knit a simple hat or scarf. Happy Almost Birthday, Kitty!

Happy knitting, TLGB!

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