September 1, 2008

Tucked In Angel Wings

I was asked by the moderator for the RSE2 to be an angel for Julie. Apparently, her upstream was unable to fulfill her commitment, so I was an angel. Most of the participants had received their box by the first week in August, so I was notified after that. I started the scarf on the 12th and finished knitting it on the 31st. I can't divulge the particulars (pics were taken) yet, since Julie is heading to Wisconsin for the wool festival there later on this week. She will return home on Sept. 8, so will have to wait until then. I thought that she shouldn't have to wait for me to finish knitting .... she could just as well enjoy a surprise box that I sent in mid-August. She did like it ..... check out her blog. I've really enjoyed our pms the past couple of weeks. I have packed the last bit of surprises and her scarf ... will mail them tomorrow noon when my classes at school are finished for the day.

Other than mailing the envelope, this year I can spend the rest of the afternoon doing household chores or better yet ..... knitting! I put my February Lady Sweater on the back burner while knitting the RSE angel scarf, so have taken that out to do nothing more than ..... FROG! I didn't care for the row of yo increases about every 7 stitches, so replaced them with kfb increases. Like the looks of those a lot better. I have one more row to knit and then I start the lace that goes from the underarms to the hem. I have the correct numbers of sts, so shouldn't have too many problems.

I'm looking through my many patterns for an idea for some socks for the month. Will probably start some with some MC Bearfoot in the Alpine (blue, green, purple & occasional brown) or some tussah silk/merino sock yarn from The Unique Sheep (shaded reds)....both were gifts from swap partners. I could really knit a pair of socks a week for a year and I might have most of my sock yarn stash gone ..... but more would probably be there in its place!

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

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