September 30, 2008

Pics at last!

Clue One finished. I ran out of beads with just the last beaded row to do, so had to wait about a week without doing any more knitting. This is the second yarn I tried the Mystery Stole 4 with - first I used a navy laceweight yarn, but the beads I had purchased were too heavy for it. I had STR lightweight in the Motley Hue colorway. I like this color better with the beads. The above picture is closer to the actual color than the one below. The beads are a black rainbow color from Hobby Lobby.

Here are the pics of the Mystery Stole 4 through Clue 2.

The stole is knit from both ends and then grafted in the middle. I have both ends done through the second clue. This is the first knitted beading I've ever done, so have enjoyed the learning experience. After 48 years of knitting, you can still learn something new! Clues 3 and 4 are knitted with no beads .... some other participants that have finished those clues and I really like the look of this stole. There are only two more clues to come out .... with very little beads (9) on clue 5 and about 60 on the final clue.

Two weeks ago, our great-niece and her dh had their first child, a little boy. Well, I have a lot of sock yarn "leftovers", so decided to try making my own pattern for infant socks. CO 32 sts to begin The socks on the left are from Colinette Jitterbug in the popsicle colorway and had a 2x2 rib for 24 rows for the leg, a slip st heel flap of 16 rows, heel turn, 10 rows for the foot and then my favorite toe. Even kitchenered the toe of 12 total sts. The right socks are from STR Bella Coola colorway and are just 1x1 rib for 6 rows and then stockinette for the rest. Now I'm working with some Lisa Souza sock yarn in the gendarme colorway ..... doing 8 rows of 1x1 rib, then 6 k row, 2 p rows, to the heel flap, and plan to continue the 6k, 2p rows to the toe (except for heel). It is really turning out cute.

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