October 1, 2008

My pics of Angel Scarf

Here are some pics of the RSE angel scarf I did for Julie. The yarn is Diakeito yarn from Japan and the pattern is the Phileme scarf. I had purchased some blocking wires from Knitpicks earlier this summer. My first use of them was with this scarf. They worked very well and cut my time for blocking by at least half. I use an inch thick piece of styrofoam insulation for blocking. I cut the 4x8 ft. sheet in half and "hinged" it with duct tape (yet another use for the wonderful stuff). It makes is easier to carry and store.
This is a close-up of the scarf after blocking was completed.
This one is of the scarf just before it was folded and wrapped, then sent on its way to Julie.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I'm so glad you like the blocking wires... I've been thinking about getting some but wasn't sure. I'll be getting some soon! Again, wonderful scarf and I love the yarn.