October 25, 2008

Christmas Stocking Update

Almost have finished stocking for mamaphdknits in the International Christmas Stocking Swap on Ravelry. I just need to sew the seam from the top down to the heel flap. They are to be sent by Nov. 15, but I'm waiting for a while .... mamaphdknits said she needed to start mine. I just wanted to get it done since I have two more socks to knit for a grandfather here in town who needs them for the last two grandchildren.

Spent most the day today at church preparing food for a mission festival tomorrow evening. We are serving barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, chips, and bars plus an assortment of beverages. The number to expect is not really known since this is the first time for an event of this type. Hopefully, we'll have enough for everyone.

Think I'll head for a lavender bath ..... soak away some of the aches from being on my feet most of the day.

Happy knitting! TLGB

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