November 1, 2008

MS4 Clue 3 Done!

After a lot of tinking and frogging, clue 3 of the Mystery Stole 4 is completed. For some reason, my brain kept forgetting to put one or two yos in a row.... just about every right side row. The stole needs to be knit from both ends through clue 5 and then clue 6 is done on one side and grafted to the remaining clues 1-5. Well, ..... I even pinned the edges of the two sides together in hopes of not forgetting to knit on the second half. That didn't work ..... I ended up frogging about 12 rows, knitted it back up only to discover a dropped "falling" st about 10 rows below where I had frogged, so I just ripped that entire side down a total of 20 rows. I wanted to get it knitted back last night, but was about falling asleep knitting so stopped with only the last two rows of clue 3 to do. That was finished early this morning ..... dh's hunting dog started scratching in her "bedroom" (really a large travel crate) about 4:45 ..... don't know if Cozi was anxious to go hunting or just had to GO .... outside, that is. Dh and Cozi have taken off for the farm to hunt pheasants, so Toffee and I will hold down the home front.
This week-end I hope to co one of the two Christmas stockings I have to knit on commission. The pattern is from old Bucilla Christmas stocking kits. This family has been using knitted stockings for three generations now, so add another with each new grandchild.

Happy knitting! TLGB

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