September 11, 2008

Angel Scarf

Below find the pics of the Phileme scarf that I "angel" knitted for Julie on Ravelry. I found the pattern on Ravelry ..... it's actually a Google doc ...... was translated from French. The pics are ones that Julie took after receiving it. I'm using them with her permission. I used Daiketo yarn, a 100% merino from Japan. It contained most of Julie's favorite colors. Here's a close-up she took to show the lace pattern ..... the scarf ended up having "points" along all the edges. I blocked in on my new lace wires from KnitPicks ..... cut blocking time by at least half.

A close-up of the lace pattern

A fence ... the perfect place to display the scarf

I really enjoyed the experience .... even though I did some "power knitting" to get the scarf done in 18 days.... and that was with school starting. Three years from now I won't have to worry about that ... retirement looms!

The Mystery Stole 4 is coming along nicely .... I only have two rows left, but ran short on beads. When I purchased them, Hobby Lobby didn't have enough in stock, but was getting more. Tomorrow I will make a quick trip there to get the additional beads. I did change from lace weight yarn to STR lightweight in the Motley Hue colorway (gray with subtle blues). I really liked the beads and they really overpowered the laceweight yarn. They were, of course, a size larger to begin with .... the smaller beads are difficult to find here in northern Iowa. The next clue comes out tomorrow, so maybe I can finish before it's loaded on the Yahoo Group site. Will take pics when the clue is finished.

Happy knitting, everyone! TLGB

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