March 1, 2007

Snow.....snow....still snowing!
With school dismissed at 12:30 on Wed. and not in session today and tomorrow, it is the first time since 1971 when I started teaching here that we've had this many consecutive snowdays...this week we will have had only 1 1/2 days in session. Yesterday had slippery roadways for us in northern Iowa, a relatively quiet night, but then.......this morning started with a freezing mist, pelletized ice, and then snow.......well over a foot so far and it's still coming down. Took some pics of hubby out snowblowing, but need to download them....maybe tomorrow. The winds are horrendous, but it sure is warm inside the house.....good for knitting on my last Dublin Bay sock....and tinking a bit when I mess up the lacy insert down each side....only about 2 more inches and then it's just straight knit.
Just want to get it finished before the STR sock daughter has already received notice that her box has shipped (they dyed 2000 skeins of the yarn).....don't really know how many actual members they have should be fun to do some more difficult patterns. Those usually don't trip me's the simple things that do it.
I'm still nursing the cold that most of the students at school have been suffering from since before Christmas. Today is the first day for a week that I have felt halfway decent. Hope the improvement continues.

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