March 25, 2007

Not My Socks
I finally finished my first Inside Out sock at my daughter's home Sat. night ... couldn't get it over my instep ... SCREAM! Well ... I tossed it to my daughter and she tried it on ... she had to work it a little, but could get it on ... so guess my monsoon Inside Out socks will be her possession ... after all the problems I had as well as a lot of others, she didn't even want to try Inside Out. When she tried it on, she did like the inside out better ... the cable showed a lot more. Now I just have to make a second one to match. Wish me luck! Will add a picture tomorrow ... it won't be on a foot, but at least I can show a completed sock.
I also had the Dublin Bay sock out of LS gendarme colorway along ... knitted on the second sock part way into the gusset ... this one is sooooo easy. I really did enjoy the challenge of the STR sock, learned some new things, but don't want to experience that much stress ... or frogging soon.
I hope to finish the straps to the Lucy bag I knitted last month and get it felted this week.

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