March 10, 2007

What bliss!
After the arrival of the STR package from BMFA, I was anxious to start.....until I discovered that I had to do a provisional cast-on.....crochet a chain. Now, I do know how to crochet, but I crochet left-handed and knit right-handed.....a little weird, I know. Did a Google search and found
which offers a fantastic tutorial video where you don't need to do the entire chain and then pick-up the stitches. I've never made a toe-up sock like this one, so did end up frogging the second half of the toe when it ended up about three rows short....frogged back to the 8 sts between the WT stitches....then it came out least for the OCD I have ...really want my knitting to look nice. Here's what it looked like about midnight last night. Oh, I love the dps from KnitPicks..I'm using the size 1's for the toe and foot....will probably use Clover 2's for the leg portion.

Because of all the snow received the last two weeks, the car needed a major washing....well, we have this fantastic laser-wash here that I only have the drive the car in the stall and let the machine do the rest.....even dries the car as you drive out. The line was rather long--I was the 8th car in line to begin.....but I had my sock along, so did get about 1 inch into the foot while waiting...just need to remember the pattern is different for the instep than for the sole....occasionally I did "blind" (don't need to look after all these years) knitting, but did have to tink since I goofed. Here's what the sock looks like now... I do have to let it "hang" to unwind every so often....but am really enjoying both the yarn and the pattern. Guess you are never too old to learn something new. Hat off to the staff at Blue Moon Fiber Arts for the fantastic start to STR. Looking forward with extreme anticipation to the later offerings this year.

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