March 20, 2007

A Rockin' Sock

Finally, my Inside Out sock from STR is beginning to work .... did the toe and 1 inch of the foot with SB 0's, changing to Brittany size 1's for the next six inches, and then to the KP 2.5 mm for the remainder of the foot and up through at least first repeat of cable ... may do the second cable on Clover 2's and the final one on KP 3.0 mm. I may put about six more rows of the 2 x 1 rib if the yarn holds out. I decided to go on-line to see how to do gussets/heel flaps on toe-up socks .... I've never had to use them on the toe-up socks that I've done previously. Found some excellent directions at ... it is actually a series of six lessons with the gusset instructions in lesson three and two heel options available in lessons four and five. The pics show the heel gusset about half finished where the needles are crossing close to my ankle ... the other one is a close-up. I really think that this will solve my problem with my high instep.

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Cheryl said...

Five sets of needles for one sock? That's just not right. I'm hoping to keep mine down to three sizes - which is still too many, IMO.