March 7, 2007

I'm Waiting!!!!!!
Well........I'm usually very patient, but I can't wait much longer for the STR club mailing. They were sent out starting Feb. 26th, but a thing called "the blizzard of the century" left about 15 inches of snow on top of ice (my husband is pictured about 1 of the 4 times he was blowing snow). Talked with our mailperson at the store last night and she said that the post office here didn't get any mail in last Thursday through Saturday.....they were anticipating a large "dump" of mail yesterday, but it didn't come. So.......I guess my STR is probably stranded somewhere and will be coming.........sometime........SOON, I hope!
My blizzard project (we only had 1 1/2 days of school last week) was another Lucy bag with some outback wool from Plymouth in navy, light and dark teal, and a rose has a number, but the label is upstairs. The dye is not totally set, however, so whenever I knit my hands turn a grayish does wash off with some scrubbing......I even used the Soft Scrub jel with bleach, but then I reeked of bleach even after washing with other soap. Well.....I'm on the straps, so shouldn't take too much longer. Also worked on the second sock from last month, the Dublin Bay......for some reason I kept messing up the pattern down the sides, but have finally arrive at the heel flap, so it should go smoothly once I get there.
This week is parent conferences at school on Monday and Thursday evenings, so don't have much time to knit......but we are off Friday because of conferences, so that will be a knitting day for me. Usually I either go to Alcariel's for the week-end (she's working all week-end) or I get together with my sister-in-law Caroline at her daughter/son-in-law's coffee shops in Clear Lake/Mason City.....Cabin Coffee Company.......great coffee and excellent cinnamon rolls......but she and my brother are leaving for Reno today for some bowling tournament that my brother participates in each year......won't be back until the week-end, so guess I'll just stay in town and knit....knit....and knit.!!!!


Cheryl said...

I hope it's there soon. Waiting is such a pain.

Are you one on the Frappr map from Algona?

mamateja said...

Sure am......don't know what's up with our mail here.....maybe it's just our mailperson.....hopefully it will arrive soon! I'm sooo...anxious!