March 9, 2007

It's Here!!!
About noon today, my husband called while I was at Menard's about 50 miles from home with the news that "the box" had arrived. I squealed. Finally, the sock club yarn from BMFA had arrived. I really wanted to head home right away, but I wasn't driving. About three hours later, the first thing I did was ask my friend if she wanted to see "the box's contents"........she isn't even a knitter, but was excited as I opened it....she even felt it just like a seasoned knitter feels yarn/fiber. I love it......not a color that I would have chosen, but am looking forward to beginning the socks. Today, I had even purchased the size 0 dps that most knitters were talking about using.....ugh!!!! the 45+ years that I've been knitting, I have never used size 0....always thought size 1 was small may be interesting. If you don't want a spoiler.......stop.

The swift is holding the absolutely .......marvelous......yarn.

Now one gorgeous "cake" of yarn is done......the colors are ...... breathtaking ..... for lack of a better word. With the aid of a food scale (wished I had a digital one...would make things easier.....or maybe the yarn meter that I gave my daughter for Christmas), I divided the large "cake" into two almost equal-size balls of yarn, so I won'trun short on the second sock.

After a supper of chili and cornbread, the socks will be started......can't wait to start "rockin".

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