March 15, 2007

Well ..... the Inside Out sock from STR is a thing of the past. I really was planning on completing the first sock entirely before frogging since this was my first sock club mailing ....... then I read all the problems others had encountered with the cabled leg ... I thought I had made enough changes to accomodate my high instep ...... NOT ......... so last night I frogged the entire thing .... I was almost finished with the second pattern repeat on the leg ....... and could barely get it on ..... the instep was so tight that it was uncomfortable. It didn't take too long to knit ... I'd received the mailing last Friday. I did want to complete the pattern since it was only the second toe up sock I've knitted. It was a good learning experience for an "old" knitter and took a lot less time to frog the sock with my ball winder. Alcariel has decided to not knit the pattern either since her instep is higher than mine.
Now I've started Crooked Cable Socks from Sock Bug with the yarn and am enjoying it ... I did six rows of 1x1 rib instead of the knitted rolled top and am about halfway through the first repeat ... hopefully these will fit better. I usually add 6-10 additional rows on the heel flap to work with the high instep, so will do the same. Better get back to the knitting.

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Lynn said...

Sorry you had to frog but glad you are having fun with your current pattern!