February 26, 2007

Week-end Activities

With the storm forecasted for the week-end, I thought.......WOW! A knit-a-thon! Well......a tickle in my throat at school on Friday turned into a "blizzard" of a cold on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was spent mostly on the loveseat under a double fleece, trying to keep warm. We had a double whammy......my husband was on the couch in the same condition. We can't remember in almost 35 years of marriage that we have both been that sick at the same time! We finally went out to KMart late in the afternoon on Saturday to replenish the cough medicine and flu relief meds. Everything was cancelled here on Sunday. Thankfully, we didn't lose power, but channel 8 said that we had received a foot of snow. Now, they're forecasting another storm mid-week that will be just as bad.

Sunday afternoon/evening, I was able to knit back the "frogging" I had done earlier in the week. Today.......since school was cancelled........I always use snow days to knit.......I finished the first Dublin Bay sock....even took pics of both sides......a little bit pooling, but not bad.
Tonight will be spent watching a movie since my husband will be teaching a class.....hopefully a bit of knitting will be done, too.


Cheryl said...

Very pretty socks.

Hope you are feeling better.

mamateja said...

I at least feel like I'm backing in the Land of the Living....as long as I don't try to do too much...then a super power surge (hot flash) occurs.....my husband came home from work and said he had to take a walk out in the snow to cool down this afternoon. Asked if that's what a hot flash is like. Every man needs to experience one...! Have the second sock....just about half the ribbing started.