February 22, 2007

Another Frog tale!
Well......the Dublin Bay sock in the LS gendarme colorway met a frog and it wasn't a prince! I tried the sock on one last time when I was about halfway out to the toe and decided that the gusset was too big......my heel and high instep were "swimming" in it..........so the "rippit" started......back to the end of the heel flap minus 4 rows, the last repeat of the eye of partridge pattern. Of course, the pattern does say to use size 1 dps but since I tend to knit tighter than Alcariel, who has also made the same socks, I decided to use size 2 dps. Well.......my pair of socks for this month won't get finished since this is the first sock. Of course next week the RSC sock will be coming, so everything will probably be put on a back burner. Even though we aren't together knitting, Alcariel and I will be knitting on the same thing.
At least I have completed the Lucy bag for a friend and a YH scarf from Malabrigo for a coffee friend.......she loved it! I still have to finish the YH scarf out of the DB cashmerino chunky left over from another gift project.
From the sound of the forecast for northern Iowa, this will be a sensational week-end to stay inside and knit.........knit.........and knit some more! We are to receive about 1/2 inch of rain followed by 6-12 inches of snow Fri-Sat and then wind on Sunday. Hopefully, the forecaster may be wrong this time. Hopefully it will hold off started Friday 'til later afternoon/evening until the Kiwanis club (both my husband and I are members) have their fish fry that usually serves about 800...quite a few older folks who won't come out if it is slippery.......we'll just have to wait and see.

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Cheryl said...

We tried to go out and knit at a bookstore tonight, but every place closed early. I think we've had almost every possible form of precipitation in the last 24 hours.