March 6, 2008

What a Great Time!

My dd and I met in Des Moines on Feb. 23-24 for the Metro Knitters Winter Retreat. Over 40 knitters were registered and did we ever knit. The two of us went up to the motel room around 12:30 a.m. after having started knitting at 1:00 p.m. We were down again in the morning about 8:00 to start knitting until a little before noon. There were breaks, however, especially for the snacks that everyone had brought to share. I learned a couple of helpful techniques from those present and just enjoyed talking with the other ladies to see what favorite knitting projects each had. Talking with Tamara, the area knitting "professor", she made me inspired me to try "toe-up" socks again. I have a terribly high instep, so have adjusted top-down patterns to accomodate that .... not so with toe-up for me. Well, so I started the Dec. 2008 Rocking Sock Club selection with a pattern by Cat Bordhi .... well, I CO my usual sts .... finished the toe, thought it looked a bit wide, but also thought it would draw in with the foot ..... it did somewhat ..... I finished the patterned instep, learned a new way for a toe-up heel .... really liked it .... and then tried the sock on again ..... it was huge. I contemplated just using them as slipper socks, but decided that I liked the yarn too much to not wear it more. So ..... to the frog pond they went .... back to the toe for the next smallest size. That's all I have left of both socks since I do 2 on ml .... here's the pic before the froggin' session.
The last time we visited dd, she had ordered some Tulip Sweater kits .... here's the sweater (size 2) so far .... it will be for our newest neighbor, little Savannah across the street.

I haven't been working on the SOTS2 for the past couple of weeks .... finally decided to increase the length at the very middle ..... have the first repeat done of the increase with two more to go.... am behind two hints so will work more on it at dd's this week-end. Since we had parent-teacher conferences this week, we don't have school on Friday .... I'll get an early start.


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