March 24, 2008

Serendipity Socks Completed!

I wanted to finish the January shipment from RSC before the March shipment came ..... well, I missed it by about 5 hours. The socks are completed .... now on to the Jacobean Socks for another KAL. Here's the pic of the finished socks ... I didn't like the way the short row heel looked,so did do the heel flap and short row heel turn. I did use the star toe that was part of the pattern. I'm also using these for the SAM5 KAL for my March socks.

The March shipment is a gorgeous colorway and I do like the pattern. It's top down ... will probably wait a couple of weeks before starting. Better get back to knitting. TLGB


Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Although the fit of the deeper short row heel is better, I'm still not of fan of it either. Both my buddy tapmouse & I teased Adrienne, the designer, about switching the heel flap/gusset of her original to the short row heel. So, I like your version very much.

BTW, I'm right behind you on the SotSii. What a fun knit it has been.

LivM said...

Nice socks you have made !