March 14, 2008

SOTS 2 Progress

I've been frantically working on SOTS 2, trying to catch up, somewhat. I've completed about half of Hint #6, so will do serious knitting this afternoon after school and tonight to get that completed and get Hint #7 started. Hopefully, I can get some of Hint #8 done before the week-end ends. The final hint is to be posted today, so that will have to be done the first part of the week. I was doing soooooo well through Hint #4, but fell behind when conference time came at school and a lot of other "busy"ness there. Now things have slowed down a little, so knitting will progress.

I need to finish the Serendipity socks and get another pair started ..... hopefully, there won't be any more "snow days" where school is dismissed ...... those are my knitting "marathon" times. We've had enough of those here in northern Iowa for one year. TLGB

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