March 26, 2008

SOTS 2 - Clue #7 Completed

Better late than never! That's the theme of my SOTS2 ..... the KAL actually ended last Friday, but I was not close to completion at that time. So, now I can take my time .... I just finished Hint #7 last night. You should be able to see the lifeline (white dental floss) that's at the beginning of Hint 7. I decided to just pin out the area of the completed portion. Now it's on to Hint #8 ... I'm already about six rows into that (60 rows total), but it does knit quickly now. I feel a lot more comfortable with lace knitting after doing this stole. I have a couple other lace shawls that I have both the pattern and yarn, but haven't felt confident enough to do them ... now I will do them ..... sometime!
I hope to start the Jacobean Socks for the Sock Knitters Pentathalon KAL. It's a toe-up sock .... out of my comfort zone, but I plan to follow the pattern for the experience. If it doesn't fit when I'm done, I'm sure that I'll be able to find a happy recipient. TLGB

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