March 23, 2008

SOTS 2 and RSC Socks

Didn't get the SOTS 2 finished on time, but I'm going to try to finish this week ..... I'm about done with Hint #7, so just have #8 and #9 to do completely. The increasing that was done has been decreased, so it's just straight knitting. I feel a lot more confident in knitting from a chart after this KAL.
DD informed this afternoon that she had received her March RSCshipment from BMFA, mine isn't here, yet. Probably tomorrow ..... guess I'd better finish the January socks tonight. DD had knitted the Serendipity socks, but they tended to fall down on her .... so enter Mom's tighter knitting and they will fit to a tee. I've worn the socks she knitted this past week and they are fine .... on me, that is. DD inherited the skinnier legs from DH's family .... not the abundant hips and legs from my family genes. Here's a pic of progress so far ..... about 12 rows remain on the pattern and then I start the toes. I tried the short row heel of the pattern, but didn't care for it .... frogged .... and did my usually heel flap with heel turn. These will also fulfill my participation in the SAM5 KAL for March. TLGB

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