March 17, 2008

SOTS Hint #6 Completed

After a break from SOTS 2 this week-end when I was knitting on the RSC Serendipity socks from their Jan. club offering, I got back to the stole last night, this morning (a two-hour late start due to snow .....again!), and after school ..... Hint #6 is completed. I just pinned the stole to our drapery .... didn't feel like taking an hour or so to do it on a board as I've done previously. Now .... on to Hints #7, #8, and #9. Others who have already completed the stole said that these go fast. Well, I had done so well keeping up through Hint #5 in late March. For some reason, I just didn't feel like working on it, so worked on some smaller projects. Now, I'm ready .... well, the stole is to be completed this week. Don't believe I'll make that ..... maybe by next Monday since we have a long week-end break from school.
I've completed the Serendipity socks through the gussets .... want dd to try them on since the ones that she knitted were a bit loose for her. We'll trade .... I already have the ones that she knitted, but won't wear them until I finish hers. I'm also just starting the gussets for the River Rapids Socks that are for someone special that I just met a while back. Well, back to knitting! TLGB

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