July 9, 2007

Week--end knitting

This past week-end was spent in Omaha at our DD's home. Her home is only 5 years old, but no maintenance had been done to the backyard fence. The DD had selected a nutmeg brown stain/waterproofer, Dad purchased a sprayer, and applied the "almost" first coat a couple of weeks ago. Three sections hadn't been stained since he ran out of stain and the only place in Omaha that carried it was WalMart .... the one closest was out for a couple of days. This week-end with four gallons available, the fence was completed and then a second coat was applied. The DD will treat the deck but apply that by brush to avoid "drifting" onto the siding. The weather was in the upper 90's, so it didn't take long for the finish to dry.

At night, we knitted .... mostly on squares for the Greenburg, KS afghan project. DD asked me how my STR club socks were going ... I told her I was on the gussets ... she said that's where I was last week-end at the knit night in Des Moines. Well .... I decided to knit on other things during the week. As she was working the heel of a second Jaywalker sock, I decided to work on the June STR club socks. I'm knitting both socks with magic loop, so both socks will be finished at the same time ... I did get the gussets finished and about 2 inches out on the feet. I'm almost holding my breath hoping that I have enough yarn to finish ... I'm knitting the size with 75 sts originally, so it should be enough yarn. Should know for sure in another couple of days. The pic shows the socks after knitting this afternoon ... I'm about 1 inch from starting the toe.
Didn't go shopping .... except on-line at BMFA .... DD still had her discount club coupon, so we just ordered sock yarn ... I order five colorways and a couple of patterns ..... also am sharing an extra one of the STR colorway just in case I need it. DD said she would need some of it for sure. Better get back to the socks .... TLGB.

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