July 5, 2007

Fireworks and Froggin' Again

The 4th of July is nothing without fireworks. Our volunteer firemen did a fantastic job last night with fireworks. A local restaurant owner distributes fireworks for towns/groups in the area, so we had a fantastic show for about 1/3 of what we've had to pay in the past ..... a hometown boy from my classes 25 years ago was taking care of all of us. For 45 minutes, the sky was a beautiful light show ... interrupted periodically by the ground show .... not the typical flag, waterfall, etc. but repeating displays shot out of tubes in the ground. Even though we were sitting across the road instead of in the grandstands at the fairgrounds, it was awesome. A grand finale to the holiday that celebrates the freedoms which we often take for granted.

The frog epidemic has once again struck ... this time the Clapotis that I was knitting from Mountain handpainted Indian Corn colorway. The yarn just wasn't matching at all when I had finished the first 350 yds. of dk on #6, so I decided to try a different shawl and vary every 4/2 rows. Two of the balls are very similar in color, the other has only small bits of the green that is more prominent in the others ..... after every four rows, I'll knit two of the different ball ... hopefully I'll be able to carry the yarn up the edge and not have so may splices to do.

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