July 21, 2007

Old Knits

I have knitted many sweaters for Christmas gifts years ago, but would have to find the old pictures and scan them ... quite a problem since I have no idea where the pictures are at present. Well, when purging our basement of some of its excess stuff, I found this sweater that I probably knitted for my daughter (now 26) when she was about eight years old. It was out of a bulky Lion Brand yarn, I believe, and was usually too warm for her to wear. I also found three smaller sweaters that I knit for DD, the white infant sweater that she came home from the hospital in, a white/blue/pink pullover w/placket knit from Phildar Luxe yarn, and a fairisle pullover knit from heather yarns from Brunswick yarns. The last one can be viewed on http://www.limenviolet.com/ , I believe it was posted June 29. Yes, my daughter actually put the small sweater (children's size 6) on and Violet took the pic. She did show me the sweater, though, and it was still okay and not stretched out too much.

The other sweater I had is a vest with cabled pockets that I knitted my mother about 20 years ago. It was in her favorite color, baby blue. Dad always said Mom's eyes were "buttermilk" blue and that's the sweater's color, too. It was from a pattern (Unger) I believe and also was a soft Unger yarn. Here's a close-up of the pocket, too. Mom has been in heaven with Jesus and my dad for almost 7 years. TLGB

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Kellie Huffman said...

that is so cool, to be digging around in your basement and find sweaters you knit 20 years ago. I have only been knitting for about 10 years, when my youngest was a baby. Now I feel the need to go find the first sweater I knit, which was for her, a little pink cardi, and the 2nd one i knit for my oldest, a 3 colour fair isle with bobbles [I didn't know what I was getting in to].

And you are the one that knit the sweater Carin squeezed into on Lime and Violet...to funny. Its wonderful how Ravelry brings people together.