December 3, 2007

Just In Time!

The Uptown Boot Socks that I hoped to finish in November, weren't finished until the morning of Dec. 2, so I guess that they will have to be December socks for the SAM KAL4. There were finished, however, just in time for the coldest day so far this winter. The yarn and sock blockers were a gift from my SP11, tryintaknit on Ravelry. Now I'm finishing the Mystery Socks from Socktopia .... just have one more repeat on the foot and then on to the toe. They should be finished in a couple of days. Then I suppose that I should finish the River Rapids Socks from Sockbug that have been on the needles too long .... only have about 3 inches knitted on the top down pair.

Our trip to Branson was great ..... really puts one in the Christmas spirit. When we returned about 9:30 last night the temp was only 7 degrees above zero with wind-chills of about -11! We had left Branson with a gentle shower coming down with temps in the upper 40's. When we stopped mid-afternoon at Miller Pecan Farm near DeWitt, Missouri, the owner said that the temp had fallen 20 degrees in 30 minutes about mid-morning. It just became colder and colder the farther north we travelled. When we finally got home, we had about 3 inches of snow encrusted on top with about an inch of ice. Our neighbor was kind enough to clean off the drive and main sidewalk, so we just need to finish the rest. I spread a corn-based ice melt on the front step and sidewalk from there to the drive. Hopefully, it will be softened, loosened enough by the time I return home from school this afternoon.(it is two-hours late this morning).

I didn't find any yarn shops in Branson. Didn't really have time. We were sooooo busy going to shows ...... absolutely loved the three-hour Danny O'Donnell show, Mannheim Steamroller, and Shoji Tubachi. The other fours shows were enjoyable, but not as outstanding as these three. As the "youngsters" on the bus, the others had our three listed as their bottom three ... to each his own.

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AfternoonMoon said...

Wow! These were my November sock as well! Great job! How did you learn the 2 socks on 1 circ? I just got my 40" addi turbos from theLoopyEwe, and ready to try. Great job!