December 28, 2007


Here's a pic of the Thuja socks I started earlier this month for DH .... not done for Christmas, so will probably complete them in January. They are knit from CTH Supersock in the Java colorway (dark & med brown, blue-grey, dark sage) on ml. I had DH try them on Christmas Day to make sure they would fit over his high instep .... they did, so now all I have left is two long feet and toes. I've really enjoyed knitting these although the dark color is easier in sunlight or bright light.
I just have to kitchener the toes on the Socktopia Mystery Socks that I knitted for a friend for Christmas. I had her try them on since her feet are a lot smaller than mine. They weren't going to be home for Christmas, so will get those to her on Monday. I used Fortissima Socka Jeans on #2 Addi with ml. I did increase the sts by 8 since my friend likes loose-fitting socks due to vein trouble at her ankles. These were the first mystery anything that I knitted, so enjoyed the "surprise" of what was coming, but didn't like the wait for each step. Will post the pic when I have them finished this week-end.
My December shipment came from RSC on the 24th .... beautiful yarn ....... great pattern. When I "caked" the yarn, I noticed several (12+) knots in just one strand ... one 5-inch place had three such "blemishes." My dd, Alcariel, said that I should contact BMFA because that wasn't up to their standards at all. Well, ..... this morning I sent an email that started out with my "love" of the socks club and then a description of the yarn. Within two hours, I had a reply stating that a new skein of yarn was being sent. JoAnn and Blue Moon Rock! TLGB

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