January 10, 2008

Completed Socks & Scarf!

These two are a little late in being posted, but they were Christmas gifts for two of my coffee friends.
The socks are from the Socktopia Mystery Sock pattern with mods of adding 2 sts either side of the cable for total sts of 72 ..... if I did it again, I'd add one st either side and 2 sts to each cable. The recipient said they were great ..... really kept her feet warm.

The Chevron Scarf is from STR Silkie in the Lunesea colorway and STR mediumweight in Love In Idleness colorway. The recipient is only five feet tall so I have about 1/3 of each colorway left. Any ideas for its use? I ordered colorways for a CS for me .... can't wait to start.

Other knitting has been put on a hold since I've developed a severe bacterial sinus infection .... that apparently started with the "bug" that was passed around school that hit me during Christmas vacation. I know that I'm sick when I don't even feel an urge to pick up the needles. The prescriptions are doing their job, but I have had to stay home two days so far this week. The congestion, headache, ringing in the ears, and inability to get more than 45 minutes of sleep at a time contributed to that. Our school district has no substitutes that can teach Spanish, so I always have to be creative with the lesson plans.

Oh, I did start My So Called Scarf with the Knit and Needlepoint Merino, nugmet colorway, that dd brought me when she attended a medical conference in Boston last spring. It was something I could do while walking around the study hall of about 86 students that constantly need monitoring. They do, however, pay attention to how much I get finished between times or ...... what I don't get done.

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