January 25, 2008

SOTS 2 - Clue #1 Completed

When I just ordered the yarn for the SOTS 2 last Wednesday, I never expected to get the yarn so quickly ..... this Wednesday. The clue had come out last Friday, to be completed in one week .... YIKES! This is my first, hopefully completed, large lace project. I cast on Wed. evening since DH was teaching a BLS class for some area EMS people and I could just sit and knit. I did frog about two rows when I discovered I had only knitted 5 rows instead of the stated 6 ..... I am OCD about my knitting. Was able to finish through row 12, I believe. Last night, I knitted while DH snored on the sofa and completed row 39. About 3:45 this morning, some "leftover" congestion from my sinus infection awakened me. I couldn't get much relief, so I decided to sit up and why not .......KNIT! I finished the first clue before I left for my before school coffee break with friends. I have really like this pattern ..... but it does require more concentration and being care to not catch the st in the row beneath. I have the second clue printed out, but have to sell admissions for the basketball game tonight, so won't start on that until after 8:30 or so. Here's the pic taken this morning on an overcast day. ...... maybe this week-end!

I've also been working on the Thuja socks for DH ..... am about halfway out on the foot .... why isn't dh a short person with little feet? They will be finished for the Six Sox KAL January socks. TLGB

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