August 18, 2007


I purchased a pattern last fall to learn entrelac ... a felted bag knit with Noro Kureyon ... I'm using Silk Garden. Well ..... somewhere I read to start with the Garterlac dishcloth from Criminy Jickets. I started it yesterday and it's done! It took about 3 times longer than most dishcloths, but I did have to frog several times on the edge triangles when I did the wrong kind. Well .... it's done and here's the picture. Don't know if I'll make more or not .... will see how well they wear before I decide.

Also worked on the Central Air socks .... they are my August socks for the SAM KAL, so they need to get finished. I wish I had smaller feet! I should be close to starting the toe this week-end. Teacher in-service days for school start on Monday with classes beginning on Wednesday, so I won't be doing much knitting during the day.

After vacation, I finished the market bag out of Sugar 'n Cream - haven't used it yet, but I did get two large sofa pillows stuffed into it for the picture. If did get the Plymouth yarn the pattern called for while on vacation, so hope to start another one soon. The one that's completed doesn't have a lot of "substance".

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bobbi said...

love all 3 things. the colorway you used for the sock is great. i'd love to see the market bag closer looks great tho. I tried a entrelac bag a couple of years ago and i'm still not finished. too much thinking.