August 23, 2007

Back to School!

What an exciting day at school today. Midway through my morning classes, the electricity was lost because of a thunderstorm going through the area ..... northern Iowa has been blessed with these the past week. The first time the electricity went off, it was for about 20 minutes. It's a joy to keep 20+ freshmen students entertained on their first day of high school. The water fountains do not even work when the power is off. I am in a newer addition to the high school that has one section of lights that are battery-powered in situations like these ... the small bathroom in the area had light in them, too. The power stayed on all of five minutes when it was gone again .... this time for 15 minutes ..... back on for 5 ....yup, off again for about 15. Then ..... it was finally back on to stay for the rest of my classes. Most of the students said that this was one way to remember their first day at the high school.

On to knitting ..... I did take some different pictures of the market bag today, but haven't downloaded them yet ... maybe tomorrow. I started the toes on my Central Air socks .... yipes, they are my August socks for SAM KAL .... I'll get them finished in time. I did sign up for Socktopia .... rather late in the month, so am only planning on knitting the mystery sock .... we have the pattern for the twisted ribbing and leg so far, but are patiently (???) waiting for the next clue, probably the heel.

I also about 4 inches short of decreasing for the armhole on the back of my Somerset jacket. I knit on it usually in the car when I don't have to concentrate on the pattern and can just knit the reverse stockinette "Braille" method.

Sorry, no pics ... next time. TLGB

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