February 4, 2008

SOTS Hint #2 Completed

We helped our dd celebrate her birthday this past week-end. Some quality knitting time ....... along with frogging ....... happened. I wanted to complete Hint #2 for SOTS before the deadline at midnight Saturday, but didn't make it. I ended up frogging about 10 rows when I noticed a mistake. Now, I'm using a lifeline more frequently. Initially, I was only going to place the lifeline after each hint ..... big mistake! It's hard to tell an old knitter to use a lifeline, which my dd had told me to do before, ....... now I'm doing it about every six rows.

On the way home yesterday afternoon, I almost finished the gussets on the Cascading Leaves socks with yarn that my daughter spun from CMF Magic Carpet Ride fiber. They are to be my February socks for the SAM KAL5, so should have them completed before the week-end. Maybe I can even complete another pair during February.

Today school was delayed for two hours before being cancelled due to incoming ice and snow. Well, we did get a little freezing rain, pelletized snow followed by large, floating snowflakes for about 30 minutes ..... not much since ........ but, I always use "snow days" for knitting. So, Hint #2 is completed and I plan to start Hint #3 before too long.


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Cheryl said...

Very pretty.

I envy you your snow days. If I'd known then what I know now, I would never have hooked up with a 24/7/365 industry.