February 11, 2008

More Time to Knit!

The principal walked in the teachers' lounge during first lunch shift, about 11:20, announcing, "We're dismissing at 1:00." So, ..... as with other dismissal days for snow, I was delighted to be knitting ..... and also, it's my birthday. When I came home, there was a phone message that the Yarn Buddy I had ordered a week ago at an LYS while visiting at my dd's home , was already in and I was given a choice of the six colors before they were placed out on the shelves for customers. Well, ..... dd had the teal color, so I chose the purple. They said it would be mailed tomorrow, so it should be here before the end of the week .... another surprise for my birthday.

I sat down to knit, thinking I only had one pattern row to do on the SOTS 2 until inserting the next lifeline (I add one every ten rows) ...... then the needle slipped in my fingers, a stitch dropped, and I frogged four rows ..... I have knitted back and even have the rows completed to put in another lifeline. I'm about 30 rows from the end of Hint 4, so should be able to finish them before Friday when the next hint comes out. I'm really liking the stole pattern and am trying to make myself do each week's hint, so this wip will be finished. Back to knitting! TLGB

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