September 30, 2007

Scarf Exchange

Yippee! The scarf I'm knitting for my downstream on Ravelry Scarf Exchange is done .... that is except the fringe and blocking it. I have plenty of time to do that, so probably will work on some socks and a couple of wips in October.

I decided to attempt to finish the Mystery Socks from Socktopia ... I'm finishing the first repeat going out on the foot ..... am knitting them for a friend who's a size 7 1/2, so won't have to go as far as for my size 10s. I hope to have them finished by the end of the week. I want to knit a pair of Monkey socks for another friend and then some RSC socks for me ... the September sock ..... a lacy cuff (I'm not the cuff-type person) that I'll use the pattern for the leg of my top down socks on ML. Hope they turn out okay.

I'm determined to get a couple of items (a briefcase and a Sophie bag) felted also during October .... how tough can that be with a washer that does it great. I just have to put the items into the washer, huh?

Hope this finds everyone happily knitting. TLGB

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