September 2, 2007

Mystery Socks

I'm just three rows short of knitting the heels for my mystery socks from Socktopia. I've been taking a picture of each part, so will post one here later today.

We went to the movie "Stardust" last night. My knitting that I usually take because it's a jacket in reverse stockinette slipped about 4 sts off about 5 minutes after the movie started. I shoved it in my bag and watched the movie. It was bad to not be doing any knitting.

It's a couple of hours later ..... the second step of the mystery socks is completed. I modified the pattern by adding 2 sts to each side of the cable ..... increasing sts knit each side from two to four. The left pic shows the lacy pattern that goes down the front and back of the leg while the right one should show the cable. Time to get back to the socks and start step 3 - the heel.

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