September 18, 2006

After an enjoyable week-end with our daughter, Alcariel (her blog is here) we had an uneventful trip home. My husband drove and I was able to knit about half of a Sophie bag for one of my coffee buddies. Hopefully, I can complete it this week. Last summer Alcariel and I spent a week visiting yarn shops in Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. Yes, we did drop quite a few $$$, but haven't had any boring time with "not having a thing to knit" since. While on the trip, I started Sophie bags for each one of my coffee buddies, dubbed the INC Club.......I need coffee, companionship, caffeine, Christ, ...any "c" word that fits. We enjoy each other's company every morning M-F when we have time.

Here's the picture of the Sophie purses.......I knit all but one........Alcariel helped me out when we found out one vacationing coffee buddy was back early. I tried to pick favorite colors to match each gal.


dragon knitter said...

the bags look great! lucky ladies, indeed. (i'm one of carin's knit buds, lol)

grace green said...

what beautiful purses- especially the green one at the bottom of the picture- i am sure the owner of that one is very happy

puck said...

welcome to the dark side (he he) just kidding, great to see you've got a blog!